Thursday, February 2, 2012


So the month of January has passed by....and with the decisions made in that month I feel like my life is now all about planning....for April.

There are three things that are now going on in April that will consume most all of that month. So I guess I'll go in order...

The Kansas City LDS Temple construction will be complete! Open house to be held from April 7-21. Due to my plans for the rest of the month, it is just that first Saturday that I have available to go and see the new temple. Anyone can go, member or not. So if you are interested in joining, let me know! They are gorgeous buildings that are always fun to exploring a pretty home.

I'm trying to talk my brother Matt into bringing his kids and coming over with Mom and me to go and see it. And I'm pretty sure Leslie is also in on coming to see it, so it's turning into a fun family weekend. So excited for the new temple! Here's a pic of what it will look like completed:

The next item on the agenda...a trip to Arizona...which actually compromises the other two items on my 'planning' mind. The second weekend in April...I'll be hiking the Grand Canyon! I am so excited!

When I started working out at the end of last year to lose some weight and just take some control back in my life (instead of being a lazy bum all the time)...the goal I set was to hike the Grand Canyon sometime within the next year. My sister Audra has done this 4 times or so already and talks about it constantly. Since I am so not a 'runner' and I do enjoy hiking I thought this was a good goal to set that also I could do for some more bonding time with my sister. When plans for item number 3 in April finalized I called up Audra and she got the ball rolling and her and some other friends helped finalize all the plans.

We will be hiking down the north rim (unless weather does not permit it...could be snow) and hiking back up the Bright Angel trail on the south rim. Overall I'm told it's about a 27 mile hike, down and up. Which I am so excited for, and also a bit nervous. There isn't tons of 'hiking' around my home but I am working out 4 days a week and I'm doing what I can to prepare for I'm not dead at the end. :)

But my sister and the group of my sister's friends that are going are so helpful. There's been a list sent around with stuff to bring and stuff to prepare for. I can't seem to get it off my mind...and the hope that I'm doing enough. I think it's also just a bit overwhelming as it will be 6 months from when I started to lose weight and try to get healthy that I'll be hiking the Grand Canyon. Since I'm half way through seems like such a short time to prepare. But I'm determined to not be the straggler in the group...well at least that's what I'm hoping...that I don't slow everyone else down. I can do it! (I think. hehe)

Then the final plans for April, my friend Kristin will be getting married on April 21st!! I am so excited for her that she has found a man that makes her so happy...and he is not crazy. Kristin is such an amazing person who deserves a lot of happiness in her life. St Louis was not good to her...per her words...but Arizona definately seems to have some brighter aspects for Kristin!

Also Kristin asked me to be her maid of honor, which I was so thrilled, humbled and just overly exstatic about. So in the week between the hiking of the Grand Canyon and Kristin's wedding...I'll be driving around and helping to finish up whatever Kristin needs to make it all come together for her. Super I just have to find a dress/outfit for the wedding. Black skirt and blue shirt (royal blue, medium blue or baby blue). So...more shopping on my mind. hehe.

Kristin and Adam are to be married in the Mesa, Arizona temple...below:

Then a fun casual rock'n roll themed reception. Then that next Monday I fly home. I'm slightly exhausted thinking about it all.

Then in April I will have my father's birthday as well, and my friend Jane's birthday.

Funnily though there was tons going on in brother Luke and his wife Leslie found out they are pregnant (YAY!!!!), went to a Blake Shelton concert, celebrated my Mom and Luke's birthdays. And in February I have Nicole's baby shower, Jonah's birthday, Makenna's birthday and Nicole's birthday. March I have Samantha's birthday, a 5 Browns concert, Stake conference and the temple will be closed for two weeks for cleaning. Sorry...not all are stuff I have to go to...just stuff I have to remember and possibly 'plan' for.

I think when May hits I may be either be greatful for a 'planning' break...or I will be on withdraw. Guess we'll see when it comes. :P

Anyone have any tips for hiking the canyon...or advise? It's like I want to pick everyone's brain for the smallest bits of information so I can be prepared. I'm turning a bit obsessive. Fun times!

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